SEHO is the Leader in Automated Soldering Technology for PCB assembly
When it comes to automated soldering technology and systems, SEHO is an innovator and market leader. Their focus on all aspects of soldering technologies and their German engineering in their products has made them the go to for high reliability in production soldering systems.
SEHO Automated Soldering Technology
SEHO provides innovative systems for wave soldering systems, selective soldering systems and SMT reflow ovens.
SEHO has been a pioneer in developing and implementing top-of-the-line technology that enables you to automate your production process. For more than 50 years we have been working on one goal: to provide our customers with efficient high quality products which are tailored to their individual needs.
With a significant investment in research and development, SEHO develops new technologies together with their partners. From unique flux jetting on the bottom-side of the PCB to live inspection cameras to insure that solder joints are completed successfully to easy to program solder joint locations, Seho is a must to consider when looking at process improvements in soldering technologies.
SEHO stands for performance, flexibility, efficiency and technical progress. Founded in 1976 SEHO is the worldwide leader whenever soldering is involved. The combination of German engineering and technical prowess with a passion for innovation has seen SEHO Automated Soldering Technology become the global go-to manufacturer for selective soldering, wave soldering and reflow soldering systems.
The company is continuously expanding its market presence through an aggressive product development and marketing strategy. SEHO has offices in Germany, China, France, Korea and the United States of America.
The company’s success is based on a number of key factors: the ability to innovate and develop new technology, an unwavering focus on quality, efficiency and customer service. SEHO systems are known for their reliability and flexibility, making them ideally suited to a wide range of applications.