Electronic Assembly and Connected Factory Solutions

Panasonic Connect- Premier SMT and Electronics Assembly Solutions

Electronics Assembly Manufacturing Equipment for Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Pin Through Hole (PTH), Odd Form & End of Line, Microelectronics and Metrology, including Screen Printing and Component Placement.
Panasonic Connect

Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America - Process Automation

  • Panasonic Connect Line Solutions
  • Not just SMT, but backend cell production solutions
  • One point of contact for full line design and integration to suit your needs
  • Industry- Leading partners
  • Integrated Line Control with PanaCIM
  • We will manage the project from concept, installation and training
Panasonic SMT - Electronics Manufacturing Automation at the Highest Level
Panasonic offers electronic assembly manufacturing equipment for Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Pin Through Hole (PTH), Odd Form & End of Line, Screen Printers and Component Placement. They also offer the industry renowned PanaCIM Enterprise manufacturing software suite that integrates Panasonic's equipment with third party technology partner equipment.
This is extremely effective when designing production lines using equipment from various manufacturers. Please see our Assembly Line Consultation section under Services.