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A-Tek, as the premier U.S. agent for Iljin, offers a comprehensive suite of board handling conveyors, meticulously engineered to facilitate the secure and efficient transport of PCBs throughout the entire manufacturing journey, from inception to final assembly. Iljin’s innovation shines in their array of equipment, which includes loaders and destackers, a variety of link, shuttle, and inspection conveyors, as well as specialized 90-degree turn and gate conveyors, ensuring that every PCB is maneuvered with precision and care.
A-Tek Systems
Getech, another pivotal name in the industry, complements the manufacturing process with its precision PCB routers and depanelers, as well as state-of-the-art laser markers. Tailoring to specific production needs, Getech provides both standalone and in-line solutions, offering versatility through both mechanical and laser routing techniques.
Asscon steps into the arena with their vapor phase reflow ovens, a technology that meets the high thermal demands of modern PCBs. This process stands at the forefront of modern soldering technology, allowing electronic assemblies to be soldered without error across virtually any design. The technology that Asscon provides guarantees the ideal temperature control, with easily adjustable gradients that ensure an optimal and consistently reproducible temperature profile for each product.

In partnership, Restronics amplifies the value of these sophisticated technologies with its unmatched expertise and dedicated support in all facets of back-end PCB assembly. With a wealth of applications experience, Restronics not only enhances the operations but ensures seamless integration and support for the stages preceding and following component placement. Together, A-Tek and Restronics form a powerful alliance, bringing comprehensive solutions and unparalleled support to the world of PCB assembly, ensuring that every client’s manufacturing process is streamlined, precise, and of the highest quality.
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