SMT assembly and pick-and-place equipment are at the core of the electronics manufacturing process. At Restronics Southern California, the sales staff has extensive experience with pick-and-place equipment. As parts become smaller, new gear may be required, and as volumes develop, current gear may need to be replaced or updated for boosted productivity. As organizations re-shore PCB assembly, there is growing demand for increased speed and capabilities. Across the country, supply chain concerns and the need for reinforced control over delivery time and cost are fueling a demand for superior performance of P&P equipment.

The necessity for new product introduction gear is growing, and it must be convenient to use and versatile, and dispense paste or adhesive, and also position components. In doing so, users can manufacture small quantities of printed circuit boards without having to wait for stencils to come through and then making modifications, then waiting again for fresh, updated stencils to arrive. While these devices are not the fastest, they can provide great adaptability for very low volume and high mix applications. Additionally, many of these machines can pick and place pieces including connectors and odd-shaped parts that are inaccessible to most high-speed SMT machines.

The newest generation of SMT pick-and-place equipment features interchangeable pick and place heads for high speed and large component placement, electric component verification, and dual lanes of operation for ultra-high speed applications. Some devices can put components at rates of up to 90,000 CPH (components per hour). True CPH speeds can be estimated off-line to give exact time and speed for manufacturing specific PCBs. With pick and place equipment, off-line programming and line balancing are generally standard features to maximize feeder set up and lessen changeover time. Most tasks are set up on feeder trolleys that can be wheeled into place when the job is started. This cuts down on feeder setup and turnaround time.

Restronics Southern California's skillful and knowledgeable personnel can assist you in all elements of picking and placing SMT equipment.